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Melbourne, Australia is the capital city of Victoria state, and is the second most populated city in Australia. It is a highly preferred expat destination and was even voted as the most accommodating expat city in 2011. It is an open-religion community where every religion is represented. Christians however form a large percentage of close to 60%. The city experiences a moderate oceanic climate but is well known for having changeable weather conditions.

What is the housing structure in Melbourne?

There is a very high demand for rental housing in Melbourne. Public housing is offered by the Victoria housing commission, but it is very basic. Rental houses are generally expensive and can take up to 50% of middle earners’ salaries. The city population has grown at a very high rate, increasing the housing demand.

What is the transport system of Melbourne?

Melbourne is very dependent on automobile transport. The outer suburban regions have the highest number of personal cars. The city has a number of arterial roadways and freeways that are regularly used by private vehicles.

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There is an integrated public transport system that rotates around trains, taxis, buses and trams. MYKI cards are purchased from convenience stores and railway stations for use in public transport. The three hundred bus routes serve the city and the outer suburbs, filling the gaps between tram and rail services.
Melbourne has four public airports that host several passenger jet airways and cargo lines. They are mainly used for inter-city transport.

What are the major recreation activities in Melbourne?

There are a several things that you can do for relaxation in Melbourne. You can visit the Queen Victoria Market, an historic landmark full of fresh food shopping adventure. Kids can be taken to the zoo or the aquarium for leisure. The Melbourne zoo contains more than 300 animal species and is located just 4 km outside the city. Scientists and explorers can visit the Royal Botanic gardens for recreation or visit the Fitzroy gardens for exploration.

Can expats change jobs in Melbourne?

Most expats living in Melbourne normally work in various sectors within the city. Major expatriate jobs are found in fields such as building and construction, biotechnology, car manufacturing, education, financial services, food industry and ICT. In order to live and work in the country, expats need a business visa or an employment sponsor.

Expats seeking employment in industries different from where they are working can get assistance from the Overseas Qualification Unit. Such help includes career advice, contacting potential employers, linking with professional bodies and employment training. Most employers look for expats viability to work in Australia and will give equal opportunities to both expats and citizens.

Can expats invest in Melbourne?

It is possible for expats to invest in the Melbourne as long as they have the necessary documents. Banks can also loan them money to start businesses as long as they proof their ability to pay. Some banks ask for an Australian guarantor while others need recommendations from employer companies or rental house owners. The bank rates are generally low due to the fierce competition between local banks.

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  • It was always a nice experience for me of being in Melbourne. I have visited here three times yet but never get the chance to be here more than 3 days. I would love to do it. your content would be useful then for me. thanks for the post.

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