10 Facts about the Expat Life in Belize

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Are you about to retire? Where will you want do this? If somewhere surrounded by the beaches is your idea of an enjoyable place, the expat life in Belize should be your go-to choice. Located along the coastal lines of the Central American country, Belize is one of the most spectacular destinations in the world with so many beautiful sites for you to enjoy. Beautiful beaches on the eastern side, lush green forests on the northern side, and picture perfect resorts in between. Not to mention that Belize has the second largest beef reef in the world.

Expat Life in Belize

Expat Life in Belize

Do you like the sound of Belize or do you still need more convincing? We will present you ten facts about the expat life in Belize, and after going through them, you will be convinced that Belize is one of the best places on Earth to retire.

1.    Belize has the QRP program for retirees who gain permanent residency

The Qualified Retired Persons or QRP program is an incentive which the government offers to retired individuals. If you pass their qualifications, you are exempted from taxes on all income which was been generated from foreign sources. Qualified retirees have other benefits as well. For instance, they can import any boat or car without have to pay any import duties.

Reasons to Retire in Belize?

Reasons to Retire in Belize?

Though the name does contain the word retired, the program is offered to anyone who is 45 years of age or older. You will have to deposit an income of around $2,000 or greater on a monthly basis, and meet a few other requirements. If you want, you can deposit the amount in one installment as well.

2.    There are plenty of activities for the day and a great night life for you to enjoy

Do you love the beach, and what about music? Belize combines these two and hosts many dance parties right next to the blue waters. As you move your body to the rhythm, the live music played by local bands sounds good to your ears and the cold wind will feel great on your body. By the way, it is not just the beach where you can listen to music; bands perform in other parts of the country as well. And if you are more adventurous, then you will love canoeing and hiking the forests.

Retire to the Simple Life in Belize

Retire to the Simple Life in Belize

Other than this, Belize has many bars that offer a wide and exclusive range of wine. There are also plenty of local societies which you can join if you want to socialize with other expats and the locals. The Saga Society and the Lion’s club are popular options.

3.    Healthcare facilities are numerous and of high standards

Old age is often accompanied with health issues, and you may need medical every once in a while. Come to Belize, and there will be not a prescription which you will not find. And that is not the only great part. In Belize, health facilities are cheaper than the United States. As for the quality, that is really high if you opt for a private hospital. Public hospitals may be a step back, but they are an even cheaper option. So whether you have a problem with your eye, teeth, joints or any other thing, the health professionals will be able to help you out.

4.    You will be surrounded by so many other expats and local residents

Belize is a popular retiring place for many expats, and there, you will find many people from all over the world. A lot of them will be belonging to the US as well, so you will not feel out of place. As for the locals, they are really friendly and will welcome you with open arms. You will soon settle in among them and feel at home.

5.    Placencia, San Pedro, and San Ignacio have the largest percentage of expats

Placencia, San Pedro, and San Ignacio are the places which most of the expats choose. Because of their popularity, they might be expensive for some of you, but the living costs are still lesser than in the United States. Still if you do not want to stretch your budget, you can opt for Corozal, which is just as good, but a little less expensive.

6.    Belize welcomes your pets

Got a pet? Yes, you love them too much and cannot leave them behind. The Belizean government understands this and so has made it really easy for you to bring your pets along. You will require a permit and your vet will have to certify that your pet is in good health. Upon arrival, show the permit and that is just it to the whole process.

7.    Expat Life in Belize is affordable in most of the areas

If you have a little over $2,000, you can live quite comfortably in Belize if you stay away from the coastal areas. Those are a little more expensive when compared to other towns in the country. As for the rent cost in Belize, that averages at $250.

8.    Pests are on the list of what Belize offers

Though living in Belize is great in many ways, you may find the pests annoying. Mosquitoes are everywhere, but luckily, there are no risks of dengue or malaria until you are travelling deep into the forests.

9.    Savor your taste buds with yummy food

Belizean cuisine is similar to the Mexican and Central American cuisine. Whichever dish you try, you are going to love it. The locals usually fancy flour tortillas, beans, eggs, meat pies, stewed chicken, and cheese. Among the beverages, tea, coffee, and milk is common.

10.   English is the national language

Belize maybe a foreign country, but their national language is still English. Indeed, other languages are spoken, particularly Spanish, but the locals are also fluent in English and use it for communication purposes.

Did we convince you now? Trust us, with so much to do, so much to see and not much to spend, the expat life in Belize is great and it is indeed a great place to retire to.

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