Living in Bulgaria – The Life on the Black Sea

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Bulgaria is known for its beautiful beaches on the Black Sea , the pleasant Mediterranean climate and the Balkan Mountains where you can practice winter sports activities such as in the Alps.

Living in Bulgaria

Living in Bulgaria

Immigration to Bulgaria

An emigration and living in Bulgaria is in Europe actually not so popular, even though Bulgaria is part of the European Union and has a pleasant climate , such as Spain , Italy or Croatia.

Through its membership in the EU immigration for EU citizens is not a big legal problem. As a tourist from Europe, you are allowed to reside in the country without a special permit for a maximum of six months. All you need is a valid passport or identity card .

Longer – term emigration to Bulgaria

For those who decide to emigrate  to Bulgaria and also intend to work in Bulgaria, is important to register with the local police department in Bulgaria asap after arriving. There you will receive the residence permits and identification card to be shown in Bulgaria as emigrant.

Expat Tip: your residence permit is valid only so long as your identity card/passport is valid. So you should ensure that you apply for a new card or passport prior to your emigration and living in Bulgaria.

With this identification card you are permitted to stay up to 5 years in Bulgaria. In order to work in Bulgaria as emigrant you do not need a special work permit. Even if you do not have a job when traveling to Bulgaria, you can log in to the local Department of Labour to get help searching for a job.

Cost of living in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria the wages for skilled labor are very low, so for example an IT specialist will earn between € 600 and € 800 monthly. The average wage in Bulgaria fo a “normal” work force is about € 150 – € 250 monthly. In Bulgaria you will earn significantly less than in Austria and Germany, but you will also need less money for your daily life as expatriate in Bulgaria. The cost of living for a Western Europeans were recently at about 300 €, if you are purchasing domestic consumer goods and not imported from the West. Fuel costs the half, and the electricity too.

Real estate can be purchased very cheap, but must often you will still need to invest additional money to make it comfortable and to the desired standard.

However, the cost of living are rising rapidly at present, so the above figures will most probably not be valid for very long.

Talk bulgarian?

The official language in Bulgaria is Bulgarian. Of course if you want to migrate and live in Bulgaria for a long time or even forever, it is advisable to learn the language. If you have children, then you need not to worry, there are schools in Bulgaria, where both Bulgarian and German/French/English is taught. If you are going to work in a large group or an international company in Bulgaria, then you should get along with English too.

The Medical Care in Bulgaria

With respect to the insurance, mainly a social and health insurance, you should make in advance thoughts. It is not uncommon to conclude an international insurance, as it is not bound to the respective country of emigration .

The medical care, especially in the larger cities such as Sofia or Varna, is fine. In addition to specialists from Bulgaria, there are also sometimes foreign GP in the city.

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