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ParisThe City of Light, the City of Love and of course, the City of Cinema… Paris keeps surprising travellers from around the world thanks to the hundred of stories hidden behind its twenty arrondissements. Here you have a video that invites you to explore those Parisian locations that you’re sure to recognise from your favourite films.

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1. Shakespeare and Company

shakespeare and company
It is probably the most photographed bookshop in the world. Shakespeare and Co has been the setting for a great number of films such as Before Sunset (2004): A love story between two old lovers that meet in Paris after 9 years. Of course, the encounter takes places at the historical bookshop based opposite Notre Dame.

2. Point-NeuF

pont neuf
In 1991, Juliette Binoche stood on the beautiful and historical Pont Neuf, the bridge that connects the Ile de la Cite with the Seine. His name literally means “the inaugurated bridge”, however it’s the oldest one in the city. This bridge has symbolised love in several films. One of them, Les Amants du Pont Neuf tells the story based in the 90s of a street artist and homeless person that fall in love in the Paris cold. Don’t hesitate to take a picture from this bridge;

3. Les Quais de La Seine

The banks of the Seine River have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If there is a movie that has most part of its story set along them, that’s Midnight in Paris. The movie tells the story of an American writer who travels every night to the lovely and happy 20´s.

4. Boulevard the Clichy

moulin rouge

At Boulevard de Clichy, just where Montmartre is travellers can find the famous Moulin Rouge. This cabaret is a whole institution in the French capital and of course, it has been chosen as a film setting for romantic films such as Moulin Rouge! (2001). In this music drama, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor show us the most bohemian side of the Parisian district.

5. Canal St-Martin

Not very far from Belleville Le Canal Saint-Martin surprises travellers with a great atmosphere at night and a very chic style during the day. Le Canal Saint Martin has been famous for years thanks to the film Le Fabuleux Destin d’ Amelie Poulain (2001). Here Amelie used to come to throw stones in the water. Canal St Martin is the perfect plan to experience a night out with the locals.

6. Passage Plantin-Belleville

La Belleville, “beautiful town”, is a huge area based in the East of Paris and which lies in lie in four different arrondissements. This is without any doubt, the most colourful and multi-ethnic neighbourhood in the city. Not too far from Le Parc de Belleville, travellers can find Le Passage Plantin, where the Bourne Identity was filmed in 2002.

7. Trocadéro

Palais de Chaillot
Trocadéro is probably the most iconic image that pops up in anyone’s mind when it comes to thinking about Paris. Here, one of Paris Je T’aime’s segments takes place, a lovely short telling the story of two mimes that fall in love. The hill of the Trocadéro is a must-see for anyone visiting the French capital for the first time.


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