Kauai Scuba Diving

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Take a small step back through the ages to a true prehistoric environment while diving or snorkeling off the island of Kauai. It is the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain of islands. This beautiful Garden Isle is home to towering red sea cliffs, thick green rain forests, the Waimea Grand Canyon of the Pacific, and deserted golden beaches. Beneath the waves you will have ample opportunity to discover the many well-developed reefs and its rich ecosystem. These reefs are what bring many savvy divers to Kauai.

Kauai Scuba Diving

Kauai Scuba Diving

You will not see colorful soft corals but rather you will experience a huge diversity of marine life. For example, the once endangered Hawaiian green sea turtle has returned in abundance. You will see this unique turtle almost on every dive. If you have an opportunity to visit during the winter months then you can expect to see manta rays, humpback whales, and spotted eagle rays. All of this can be seen as you travel between various well-known underwater sites.

Experience some of the signature south shore sites including Stone House, Koloa Landing, and Brennecke’s Ledge. These diving sites will provide you with awesome dramatic volcanic features that are visited by green sea turtles, bright tropical fish, giant trevally, white tipped sharks, and large schools of blue striped, colorful snapper. You should also take note of the macro critters from frogfish to nudi-branchs.

When you venture into the Sheraton Caves, you will be enclosed by a giant cavern that provides a safe haven for dozens of napping turtles. On a good day, the majestic green Hawaiian honu can also be seen. Some of the other excellent areas to explore include noteworthy sites on the north and east coasts. During the calm flat summer months, you can explore Tunnels Reef. However, the number one true gem of all diving experiences in Kauai is the Forbidden Isle, Niihau.

One of the last untouched frontier destinations in the Hawaiian Islands is Niihau. The diversity of geography and marine life is amazing and it is unlike any other. You should note that this westernmost island is often off-limits to tourists because of being privately owned. It is located roughly 17 miles across the Kaulakahi Channel from Kauai.

If you can convince someone to take you to this amazing dive site then you will experience perhaps one of the most pristine diving adventures in Hawaii. This underwater marvel has many hallowed walls and reefs such as Stairway to Heaven, Keyway, Niihau Arches, and Vertical Awareness. Due to the islands isolation, there are many large animals underwater including dense schools of giant trevally, Hawaiian monk seals, and a few different species of pelagic sharks.

Many divers around the world consider this fantastic diving area to be one of Hawaii’s best. It doesn’t matter whether you are watching tuna fish feed, listening to the song of a humpback whale, or being surrounded by hundreds of gray reef sharks, you will never forget your diving experience in Kauai. Anyone who is in search of an exotic diving adventure should consider putting a trip to Kauai on their bucket list.

Kauai is an excellent choice because it is perfect for experienced or beginner scuba divers. Explore Kauai Scuba is a very reputable and trusted diving guide that can help you plan your perfect dives. You can visit their site at https://explorekauaiscuba.com/ for more information. Each dive will provide you with the opportunity to view and experience reef creatures, plenty of colorful tropical fish, dolphins, and sea turtles. All experienced divers should try the western and eastern shores where there are thrilling spots, including lava tubes and cave explorations. Beginners are best to begin their diving adventure on the south or north shores including Kee Beach, Hanalei, or Poipu Beach. Local diving shops, or divers, can direct you to whatever area is best depending on your qualifications.

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