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The prospect of moving to Hawaii sounds like a dream come true for many people. But those who have relocated to this island paradise have faced great expense and aggravation because they were not prepared for the unique challenges of such a big move. Whether you’re embarking on a new phase of your career or planning your retirement, take the time to read up on what you can expect when organizing your move to Hawaii. Here is a list of the top five books to read when considering relocating to Hawaii.

#1: Your Ideal Hawaii Move: A Guide for Moving to Hawaii Island, by Tyler Mercier and Chris Mercier

For those who are considering a move to Hawaii but don’t know where to start, this book maps out the transition process, answers questions, and makes the move much more manageable. Having made the move themselves, the authors use their personal experience to save the reader a lot of time and money. They provide current and accurate information about where to live, what to bring, how to ship your possessions, finding health insurance, getting a driver’s license, finding employment and even where to shop. If you’re even considering a move to Hawaii, this book should top your reading list.

#2: Affordable Paradise: The Secrets of an Affordable Life in Hawaii , by H. Skip Thomsen

Thomsen has lived in Hawaii for many years, and since he was often asked how he could afford it, he began writing books to dispel the myths about how expensive it is to live in Hawaii. This book offers a lot of practical advice and information about how to find employment and an affordable home in Hawaii. The author also stresses the importance of understanding the island culture, and says that living in rural Hawaii can be like living in a foreign country. He shares his personal experiences about the realities of living in Hawaii so that those considering the move from the mainland will fully understand that they will be leaving their comfort zone.

#3: Moving To Hawaii: A Step-By-Step Guide, by Michele Meyer

If you’ve been considering moving to Hawaii, this book provides a 30-step guide to taking action and making your dream come true. The steps steer you through the entire process, beginning with deciding if living in Hawaii is right for you and choosing an island, to planning your expenses, booking your travel, packing, arranging your health insurance and medical care, caring for your pets, transferring your driver’s license and registering your vehicle, and finally, developing a new social life. The author has been through this process herself, and she describes what she experienced when she moved from the mainland. This is a realistic, helpful, thorough and clear guide to planning a move to Hawaii.

#4: Hawaii For Dummies, by Cheryl Farr Leas and John Rosenthal

This is one of the best Hawaiian travel guides for many reasons. It has detailed and informative maps, as well as extensive lists of hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities. The author has traveled to Hawaii herself, and she has peppered the book with personal anecdotes and lots of details about the hotels, museums and restaurants she recommends. Readers will also appreciate that most of the entries have website URLs, allowing them to further research Leas’ recommendations. The book also explains customs, weather, selecting things to see, and which tour companies are safe and reliable. The author uses her personal experiences to give insight into the pros and cons of different areas, allowing even first-time visitors to make informed decisions about where to go.

#5: The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii: A Call to the Soul , by Pila of Hawaii

If you’ve ever visited the 50th state, then you may have experienced its profound, mystical quality. Pila of Hawaii, an ordained minister and revered teacher of Hawaiian Huna wisdom, describes the energy of the islands and explains Hawaii’s interconnectedness with the rest of the Earth. He asserts that understanding the culture of the Hawaiian people and recognizing the significance of the geographical location of the islands reveals a life-transforming power that leads to insights into the nature of humanity. Whether you’re planning a vacation to Hawaii or considering making it your new home, this book is a must-read for understanding the flawless beauty and power of the islands.

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