Living in Delhi – an Expat’s Guide to Indian Capital

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Delhi, the capital of India, is home to around 22 million people and expats are an integral part of it. A large number of people from the different corners of the world live in Delhi for work and explore better business opportunities. This one of the fastest growing cities in India is a good place to live. With a cosmopolitan culture, the capital of India makes people feel at home from the moment they arrive in Indian capital.

Living in India, Delhi

Living in Delhi

Arriving in Delhi

Finding a tourists visa for Delhi is easy but if you are looking for a working visa you have to face certain bottlenecks. But if your reason is strong enough, and you can satisfy officials then the things become easier. The Indian government is positive while issuing a visa for corporate. Once your visa papers are ready getting there is quite easy as Delhi is well connected from the different parts of the world. Direct flights to Delhi are available from London.

Life in Delhi, India

Life in Delhi

Finding an accommodation in Delhi

Once you arrive in Delhi, you might be looking for an accommodation to stay there for long. There are accommodation of every whim and budget and one should find an accommodation depending upon their needs and budget. Prices could be high if you are seeking an accommodation around central Delhi. While looking for an accommodation you should keep in view the distance between your home and the office. One should try to live close to office to avoid wasting quality time in commute. The new settlements in Dwarka and suburbs are good and cost effective and well connected to city centre by efficient metro network.

Finding Accomodation in Delhi

Finding Accomodation in Delhi

Getting adjusted in the Delhi

The expats may think that language could be a major barrier but in reality it is not so. Expats from London would find themselves perfectly at home as a vast majority of the city population is well versed in English. This multicultural city is home to people from the different parts of the India and the world. Hindi (a language) is the medium of day-to-day communication but one can communicate in English at major government establishments, markets and shopping hubs. Hinduism is the major religion however people of other faiths also resides here in complete harmony.

Coping with locals: Pros and Cons of living in Delhi

The common people you will come across are warm and friendly and even go an extra mile to help you. But most of the people complain about locals being intrusive, more attentive and wanting to know your details. But if you are not comfortable answering a particular question you can simply say no. While moving on road you might attract attention if your clothes are not in compliance with local culture. So it is better to dress locally. The tourists should not be in a hurry while making personal relations and know the person better first. Getting accustomed to the local culture would make the life easy for you.

Delhi Local Culture

Delhi - local foods, crafts and culture

Delhi – local foods, crafts and culture

People from foreign countries would be amazed to see the cultural diversity of Delhi. Foreigners often taken by surprise with the amazing cultural diversity the city of Delhi has to offer. Delhi is a kaleidoscope of Indian culture as you can find people from the different parts of the country living here, talking in their own dialect and celebrating festivals of their homeland. One can also savour the delicacies of the different parts of the country. Holi, Diwali and Baisakhi are major festivals celebrated in the city.


Delhi is a food lover’s paradise as it has a rich food culture. Some pockets Old Delhi are often frequented by tourists for great food and expats living in Delhi can also do so occasionally. Foreigners living in Indian capital won’t find a food incompatibility in the city as there are several restaurant chains serving intercontinental food at reasonable prices. But while eating at city eateries you should be concerned about hygiene standards. In addition, the city has a good number of bars where you can go in evening to have a drink. Most of the upscale hotels have their own bar that can be visited for this purpose. The expats who wish to stay here for long should cook on their own as visiting a restaurant daily is neither practical nor economically feasible. Domestic help and cooks are easily available for assistance but you need to train them to prepare food as per your expectations.

For your shopping needs

Delhi, the capital of India, is a world class city and a shopping destination of repute. With presence of glittering climate controlled shopping malls, traditional markets and street markets; the expats would be spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping. Most of the globally famous brands have their outlets in Delhi. The city is replete with retail chains where one can shop for their day-to-day needs. While looking for foodstuffs, the shoppers should check the manufacturing date and date of expiry to make sure they are buying a genuine product. A bill for purchased items should also be taken. One can also visit the traditional shopping hubs of Old Delhi, where a large number of shops are raring for your attention. In addition, the expats can also visit the street markets of Janpath and Sarojini Nagar.

Entertainment for expats in Delhi

You are in a foreign country and might be feeling lonely as you are subjected to a different culture. Don’t worry, as there is an array of entertainment options to while away the time. Apart from being political capital, Delhi is also cultural hub of the country. One can head to Mandi House to catch a theatre or India Habitat Center which is hub of paining exhibitions and seminars. India International Center is also a good place to watch some cultural performances. The expats can also visit embassies of their country which keep organising cultural events and film screenings. Apart from this, Delhi is also home to a large number of movie theatres that can be visited to watch movies.

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