5 Roof terraces to touch the sky in Spain

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La Alhóndiga in Bilbao

La Alhóndiga in Bilbao

La Alhóndiga in Bilbao by Sobrevive a Bilbao

Are you planning a trip to Spain? If so, don’t hesitate to visit the coolest roof terraces to get the real spirit of each town. From the Atlantic Galicia region to the arid Andalusia, hang out with the locals and don’t forget to touch the sky!

  1. Madrid: Tartan Roof, Círculo de Bellas Artes

Tartan Roof, Círculo de Bellas Artes

Tartan Roof, Círculo de Bellas Artes

Madrid is not like New York or London. I mean; it has lots of bars but not that many roof terraces as these megacities do- probably because people still enjoy summer nights in a casual a noisy bar and they don’t necessarily need amazing views whilst enjoying a drink. But if there is a roof terrace that has made locals fall in love with it is Tartan Roof, at Círculo de Bellas Artes (42, Calle de Alcalá). It opened its doors in 2009 as a place for public events but It was in 2013 when it started to operates as a bar and restaurant. Since then, it has been chosen by the madrileños as the place to go on a Friday night.

Going to Madrid?Order your montadito & caña at any of the Museos del Jamón (72, Calle Gran Vía)

  1. Bilbao: El Yandiola, La Alhóndiga

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao by Wojtek Gurak

Bilbao is currently one of the most modernist cities in Spain. Located not too far away from the French border this city offers visitors amazing gastronomy and a wide range of cultural highlights. One of the most special treasures in the city is La Alhóndiga, designed by French designer, Philippe Starck. This building used to be a place to store wine in the past and today it has turned into a modernist urban centre with all kinds of services such as swimming pool, restaurants and boutiques. According to the roof terrace´s official website “here visitors can touch Bilbao’s sky” and it seems that this is because the cocktail list is more than decent. If you visit Bilbao this summer La Alhóndiga is a must-see!

Going to Bilbao?Don´t miss your chance to visit Yoko Ono: half-a-wind-show at The Guggenheim (Available until the 4th September).

  1. Seville: Roof-Hotel Casa Romana

It´s summer and Seville is extremely hot. But the good thing about Seville at this time of the year is that you´ll love to go out in the evening and have an amazing cocktail whilst still enjoying a nice temperature. To make it happen, you only need to choose a roof terrace from the available huge list such as Roof-Hotel Casa Romana (5, Calle Trajano) where cocktails will cost you 6-8€) Apart from the nice views of the old quarter here visitors will have the chance to enjoy a very friendly atmosphere surrounded by a very special design: part Sevillano bar, part Moroccan bungalow.

Going to Seville? If you fancy a proper flamenco show, don´t miss your chance to visit Casa de la Memoria de Al-Andalus (28, Calle Ximénez de Enciso).

  1. Barcelona : Terraza del Pulitzer

Terrassa Hotel Pulitzer

Terrassa Hotel Pulitzer

Joana Serrat, Terrassa Hotel Pulitzer by Ray Molinari

Barcelona, the most cosmopolitan city in Spain, offers endless Mediterranean nights thanks to its wide list of cool places available. Sometimes we forget that some hotels actually have nice bars to enjoy a cocktail on the weekend. In this sense, the roof terrace of the Hotel Pulitzer (8, Calle Bergara) is a great example. Offering amazing views of the Condal city, here visitors can also be amused by live music concerts and of course, a great Mediterranean atmosphere. Is there any better combination than indie, funk music and Gin & Tonic?

Going to Barcelona? Stay in the Gracia area and enjoy its vibrant nightlife.

  1. A Coruña: Playa Club

It´s the northernmost city in Spain and is facing the Atlantic. This city hides a Celtic past behind it, so travellers will find here beautiful landscapes from any point in the city. Once you have visited the famous Hércules Tower (The legend says that from the top of the tower you can see Ireland!) you will probably fancy a fruity glass of wine whilst enjoying the Atlantic views. Visit the Playa Club terrace, one of the coolest restaurant-bars in town. Top tip: Be careful with the Albariño wine; you might be able to see Ireland from your table…

Going to A Coruña? Have a coffee at Plaza de María Pita, the most significant square in the city with lots of cafes and restaurants.

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Place: Spain
Date: 25 Aug-2014
Impression & Feelings: Rooftop terraces have always been a great way for urban dwellers to get the most out of their upper levels.

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