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Occupying the crescent of sand between the island’s famous Piton Mountains, Sugar Beach is one of St Lucia’s most beautiful and most desirable coastal resorts.

Built on the site of an 18th century sugar plantation, the 100-acre site was once known as the Jalousie Plantation, a name that fittingly meant ‘jealousy’ in creole.

Following a multi-million dollar renovation, the resort is now one of the island’s best with resort real estate being snapped up by keen investors from around the world.

Sugar Beach Residences

Sugar Beach Residences Image – courtesy of real estate in St. Lucia

So if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and purchasing your very own piece of paradise, here are a few reasons why you should look at real estates offered in St. Lucia and in particular, the Residences at Sugar Beach.


Just meters away from the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and sandwiched between the two mighty peaks of the Pitons, there can be few better locations in the world than Sugar Beach.

island of St. LuciaThis stunning setting means that resort real estate will always be popular in Sugar beach, making for a great investment and fantastic long term prospects.

As well as having a stunning backdrop and plentiful natural attributes, Sugar Beach is also within easy reach of the island’s airport, allowing visitors and property owners to get their holiday started quickly and easily.

Famous visitors

With celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Matt Damon regular visitors to the resort, Sugar Beach is fast earning a name for itself as an exclusive destination with A list clientele.

Though you many not find yourself living next to a Hollywood star or starlet, having famous names associated with the resort will help to keep property prices nice and healthy.


With a huge choice of water sports on offer, Sugar Beach is the perfect choice for anyone that likes to get the adrenaline pumping and the heart pounding.

St. Lucia sugar beach

As well as traditional sports like paddle boarding and snorkelling, Sugar Beach also offers visitors the chance to try out Snuba, a scuba-snorkelling hybrid that gives divers the chance to explore deep beneath the waves without being encumbered by heaving equipment.

High quality properties

Another fantastic reason for buying resort real estate at Sugar Beach is the fact that all of the properties in the resort are designed and built to incredibly high standards. Builders have also suggested that Residences can be finished in only eights months meaning you could be enjoying your new Caribbean home sooner than you might think.

With many properties featuring their own plunge pools and fantastic views of the sea, the properties at Sugar Beach offer a great opportunity for anyone who wants to invest in a unique location.

And as the resort was completely renovated just a few years ago, all properties on the site have the latest conveniences and are finished to the highest standard.

Buying real estate at Sugar Beach on the island of St. Lucia has a huge amount of advantages for anyone looking for a unique and profitable investment opportunity in the Caribbean.

Plus, as you’re waiting for your property to go up in value, you can enjoy some fantastic vacations in St Lucia with all the family.

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Place: St. Lucia
Date: 18 Jul-2014

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