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Living in Dublin, Ireland is an exciting endeavor, but it can also be exhausting. There are certainly a few things you should consider if you intend to move to Dublin as an expatriate.

What is the climate like in Dublin?

Dublin’s climate is considered maritime, offering mild summers and cool winters. The weather does not deviate much from the 30s to 40s range Fahrenheit. You can also expect to see rain spread evenly throughout the year. Hail and snow are incredibly common in the winter and early spring months.Go Living In Dublin

What is there to do in Dublin?

Dublin Castle is by far one of the city’s oldest attractions. King John commanded its establishment in 1204 and it was completed in 1230. The Spire of Dublin, Book of Kells and Mansion House are also popular attractions for visitors and locals. In addition, the vast majority of Dublin residents live in close proximity to a park. It is quite a green city, offering many opportunities for fun. Other attractions include the Dublin Zoo, Ashtown Castle and several concert venues. Dublin is a major city in the promotion of artists, both old and new. It also has quite a literary history, having been home to many famous authors throughout history. Adults will also enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife.

What modes of transportation are available in Dublin?

There are several ways to get around Dublin without a car. Most public transportation users find it helpful to purchase a Leap card, which can be used on all public transportation.

Dublin Airport offers direct service to North America and the Middle East in addition to connections to more than 170 countries. It is serviced by 60 airlines.

Dublin is also home to two major train stations, Heuston and Connolly. Heuston serves the western and southern areas, including Cork. Connolly serves Belfast, the east coast and Sligo.

Public transportation includes several bus systems. Dublin Bus serves the metropolitan areas, as do the LUAS tram and Irish Rail. LUAS has a good reputation for its reliability and frequent stops.

Dublin locals have access to Wales and England via a ferry service.

Go Living In Dublin Trinity CollegeWhat are Dublin’s school systems like?

Children are allowed to attend Dublin schools, regardless of their visa status. No additional registration is required, but schools do fill up quickly and some students may end up on a waiting list. In order to determine if a spot is available, it is reasonable to call the school before moving to Dublin.

Dublin is home to three universities and 20 other high level institutions, many of which focus on science and technology. The top colleges in the area include the National University of Ireland and the University of Dublin.

What is the cost of living in Dublin?

Dublin is considered one of the most expensive European cities to live in. One dozen eggs may cost the equivalent of $3 and eating in a restaurant may cost $20 per person. Utilities for an apartment typically cost around $200 each month. Renting an apartment downtown may cost $1,200 whereas renting away from the city center is probably about $200 cheaper.

How might I find a job in Dublin?

In order to find a job in Dublin you must have a PPSN, also known as a Personal Public Service Number. Employers will also require you to have an Irish bank account and possibly an Irish qualifications recognition document. English speakers should have no problems using job search features and asking for applications. Several recruitment agencies make their homes in Dublin, making it easier to find a job.

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