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Florence is the city which gave birth to the Renaissance and for that gained the nickname “The Athens of the Middle Ages.” A city widely known for its artistic and cultural heritages and prominent art and fashion districts, Florence is considered to be as one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and certainly one of the more visited ones, tourist wise. Today it is the capital of Tuscany and was the center of Medieval European trade in its past. Also, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which was rightfully declared due to the amazing a breathtaking architecture and artistic sites left here from the past. So you are probably wondering what kind of a life this city could present to its residents. How do the people from Florence live and what kind of a lifestyle do they lead. Whether you are a foreign visitors who is coming for a few or even longer stays or whether you are thinking of moving to Florence for some personal reason, you really need to find out all the facts which make living in Florence great.

Panorama of Florence

Cost of Living in Florence

Living in Florence can be quite expensive but entertaining as well. People who are used to luxury and like to live abundantly will certainly have a great time here and will learn to call Florence their home. On the other hand even the passersby have given positive critiques to living in Florence and the ones who have spent a few days or a period of a month have confirmed that Florence is certainly one of the most livable places in Italy. More information on prices in Florence you can find here.

Housing & Accommodation

In terms of housing, Florence offers various top notch locations for living. An approximate price in terms of a monthly rent in a basic type of an accommodation in Florence is about 1.200 euros. Add another 200 euros a month for basic utilities and internet services and you will get a clearer picture of how much would you have to spend for your flat in Florence. Now the only thing you have to do is furnish it up to your taste in order to lead a great life in this city. Locations are numerous and the atmosphere is quite friendly as the people who live here are set back, relaxed and like enjoying each other’s company on a mild afternoon. As a tourist you can choose to rent a villa near Florence and to stay for a few weeks. For such opportunities, take a look here.


Getting around the city can be very easy. There are ways of traveling by public transport or even renting a bike. Getting a monthly ticket for public transport costs 37 euros and is one of the more convenient ways of getting around the city, but certainly a healthier way is by a bicycle. You can ride it to work or simply everywhere you need to go and it is healthy for you and the environment as well. On the other hand if you own your own vehicle or car, the approximate price of fuel is 1.76 euros per gallon. But on the other hand, you may experience congestion in traffic because it can sometimes get a bit crowded in Florence. But, if you are a tourist or a visitor, we recommend walking. The main sites of Florence are in walking distance to each other and can be seen in an hour by walking a straight line in two directions.
Love in Florence


Shopping is always a popular trait among the people of Florence. Whether you live here or are vacationing here you will certainly enjoy a few hours of shopping. After all, Florence is one of the fashion capitals of the world and a city which offers abundant luxurious stores and markets. Some luxurious stores offer various kinds of stylish clothing items. You can shop for jeans, dresses, sport or business shoes in Florence and find some of the best pieces on the market. Additionally, the most expensive and luxurious jewelry can be found in Florence. There are such stores which offer unique handmade pieces of jewelry. Brands like Gucci, Armani, Prada, Valentino and Ferragamo are immensely popular in Florence and can easily be found.
Ponte Vecchio shopping

Bars & Restaurants

Florence offers an abundant array of restaurants and bars where one can have a nice meal or a simple refreshing drink. In terms of food, the places of Florence offer some of the best recipes which the locals are proud to call their own. Local pizzas are the best while different dishes made from pasta are found almost everywhere around the city. The best place to eat has to be the Santa Croce district, where perhaps the best restaurants serving the food of highest quality can be found. So if you are set on enjoying a meal in a restaurant in a business district, you will need to pas somewhere around 13 euros, while a candle light dinner with wine costs about 60 euros and promises a very romantic atmosphere. But a meal in a fast food restaurant can sometimes be a lot quicker if you are in a hurry and big chain places offer a combo meal for about 7 euros. That is if you are eating out which can always be fun, but for a lovely dinner at home get your supplies at some of the local supermarkets where a half a kilo of chicken is 4.38 euros and a liter of milk is 1.22 euros. Living a fast life in a city like Florence will sometimes prompt you to eat out, so be careful when choosing a restaurant because some of the places charge higher places for sitting meals, so a coffee or an espresso may cost 1 to 3 euros if you grab it to go but can be charged some 5 euros if you decide to grab a seat at the table in order to enjoy your drink.

Entertainment & Clubbing

For a great night out in the town the people of Florence have a wide specter of bars and clubs to choose from. Whether you want to go out in a quiet place and enjoy a simple drink or visit a bar with your friends it is up to you. A pub can offer you a chance to grab a few beers or enjoy a whole meal as well, while a visit to a club has its own perks and a cocktail drink and great fun with great music is in order. But a cultural and artistic hub like Florence does not only offer entertainment in the form of clubs and bars, there are some very posh and entertaining ways to enjoy Florence. A visit to a theatre and enjoying a show at the best seats available is one such trait, but if you are rather old fashioned but want to experience the new technology of movie going, we recommend you visit a move with your girlfriend or boyfriend where the price of two tickets will only cost you 16 euros.

Whether you find living or visiting Florence attractive is up to you. Whether you can get used to the lifestyle this city offers is also something that can get some time of getting used to. But the fact is that this city, as one of the central cities of Europe in medieval times, still provides a wide selection of perks and entertainments both modern and cultural and is with good reason proclaimed as one of the most livable cities of Italy.

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