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Los Cabos, Mexico can be enjoyed for its luxury beach resorts and incredible shores, making it a popular tourist destination for both the city life and water activities. However, there are many people who are looking to live in the destination, making it important to know both the culture and types of career opportunities available.

Is it difficult to find a house to purchase in Los Cabos?

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It is quite easy to find a home to purchase in Cabo, as there are several areas that offer gated communities, specifically in Cabo Corridor.

Cabo is composed of two towns, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, with both sides offering plenty of safe and friendly neighborhoods that are ideal for families. Each area is compact, making it easy to get around by walking in a quick amount of time.

Single family homes can be most found in Cabo San Lucus. For those with a larger budget, many people consider living in Villa Neptuno for it’s luxurious style and design in residential living.

Although Cabo once offered affordable living, the prices seem to be increasing mainly on the coast due to the growth of the area, even affecting areas that are more inland. South of the highway offers more reasonable prices with plenty of places selling.

What is there to do in Los Cabos?

Cabo San Lucus is known to have more of a nightlife with plenty of parties and a nearby marina. There are several restaurants in the location and near the water.

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For shopping, a mall is available in Cabo San Lucus, Puerto Paraiso, right next to the marina. Both the west and east cape make it possible to enjoy stunning cliffs with incredible views.

For those who enjoy a round of golf, Querencia spans over 900 acres for an incredible golf course with pristine ocean views in a high-end area. Cabo del Sol Golf Club is another course on the water for one of the most prime locations in the world to enjoy the sport.

Playa Solmar and Chileno Beach are both popular beaches in Cabo with white sands and turquoise waters for a place to swim or snorkel in shallow waters.

Cabo Wabo Cantina is a known restaurant in the location, both amoung tourists and residents, owned by legend Sammy Hagar. The hot spot offers fine drinks and food throughout the week with an entertaining atmosphere.

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Is it easy to find a job in Los Cabos?

Although it’s not impossible to find a job in Cabo, it is definitely risky moving to the destination without having a job established, as it can take a longer time than expected to secure employment. The Mexican government makes it a priority to ensure that Mexican citizens are the first ones to have jobs before those immigrating can find one. There is also a bit of competition, considering Mexicans move to Cabo from all over the country to live in this prime spot.

Is it safe to live in Cabo?

Although crime is a common problem in Los Cabos, it is not much different than any other populated city. Most of it is away from the tourist areas with petty crimes, and nothing too serious that involves drug war problems. Many people even claim to feel safer in Los Cabos than in most major cities in the Californian region.

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