Where do UK expats live?

According to the United Nations, despite the economic difficulty of the past seven years, global migration has continued to rise, despite a slowing down since 2007.

Where do UK expats live?

Where do UK expats live?

According to a report released in October 2013, there are no less than 232 million international migrants living in the world, and six out of ten of those reside in developed regions.

In collaboration with John Mason International Movers, we’ve taken a look to see where people are moving to around the world.

So if you are from Britain, where are you most likely to live in the world if you are a migrant?

According to the International Organisation of Migration (IOM), there are:

  1. 1,207,837 British migrants living in Australia
  2. 701,093 British migrants living in the United States
  3. 674,746 British migrants living in Canada
  4. 411,074 British migrants living in Spain
  5. 397,465 British migrants living in Ireland

Other popular countries include New Zealand, France, Germany the Philippines and the Netherlands.

Alternatively, there are also a high number of international migrants living in the UK including:

  1. 657,792 migrants from India
  2. 521,446 migrants from Poland
  3. 451,712 migrants from Pakistan
  4. 422,569 migrants from Ireland
  5. 299,753 migrants from Germany

It is quite interesting to see therefore, that migration is not always reciprocal between two countries, as although there are over a million British migrants living in Australia, there are only around 120,000 Australian migrants living in the UK.

If there are more Indians living in the UK than any other international migrant, is it therefore the number one country of choice for that country?

Interestingly, the UK is not the number one choice, in fact far from it, as the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and Nepal are far more popular for migrants originating from India.

But is inbound migration good for the UK?

Though it is often thought that immigration causes unemployment in the UK, this is simply not the case, especially it seems, if those immigrants are coming from other EU countries.

According to Jonathan Portes, director of the National Institute for Social and Economic Research:

“The period of high immigration that began in the late 1990s actually coincided with historically very high employment rates for British-born workers,”

“The mid-2000s saw the highest sustained employment rates in recorded history, and in late 2007, the chances that a Briton of working age was in employment was considerably higher than 10 years earlier.”

He goes on to state that the fall of unemployment during the recession had nothing to do with immigration, but was purely a result of the financial crisis.

Atul Hatwal, director of Migration Matters spoke to the Huffington Post UK last October and said that, “The implication that migrants took British jobs on an industrial scale is incorrect.”

“The government’s figures show that from 2005 to 2008 the numbers of Britons in jobs actually rose – by 116,000. This was a period of near full employment in Britain with demand for workers often outstripping supply so it’s no surprise that employers turned to migrants to fill the gap. As a result the numbers of migrants in work rose by 660,000.”

So it seems, that if you are a Brit heading out into the world, or happen to be a part of that world and wish to head to the UK, there could well be no better time to do it than now.

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