How to Choose a Home when Relocating Abroad

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While technological advancement may have optimised remote communication techniques and created an increasingly shrinking world, this has not diminished the typical citizen’s hunger for travel. Whether this takes the form of regular holiday’s, extended gap-year travelling or permanent relocation, people are more willing than ever to invest money into seeing the world and experiencing a wealth of alternative cultures.

Choose a Home when Relocating Abroad

Choose a Home when Relocating Abroad

This is evident in a number of cultures around the world, especially those that are developed such as the U.S. and UK. The number of Americans’ living abroad has continued to grow steadily over the course of the last decade, for example, with the Association of Americans Resident Overseas claiming that an estimated 6.32 million ex-patriates currently reside abroad. This trend is repeated across the globe, so there is clearly a large demand for relocation abroad.

How to Choose a Viable Destination for Relocation

If you are relocating independently (rather than on behalf of an employer), you will need to choose a viable location that can meet as many of your needs as possible. Your final choice will be dependent on multiple factors, from your individual skills and values to your financial budget and the type of lifestyle that you are pursuing. In fact, there are a huge range of potential factors that could have an influence on your final destination, so it is crucial that you narrow these down and prioritise those that are the most important to you as an individual.

From a generic perspective, however, here are three of the most important considerations when choosing a new home for the purposes of international relocation: –

Your Budget and Desired type of Accommodation

Ultimately, the success of any relocation depends on your happiness and sense of contentment. Even if you are able to sustain your existence financially and hold down a position of employment, you are likely to suffer from symptoms of stress and fatigue if you find yourself working long hours for minimal returns. This is what can happen if you live at the higher end of your budget, so the same principle should be applied when initially sourcing a viable destination and buying a home.

Start with detailing a viable budget for purchasing a home, and ideally one that is relatively conservative in nature. This will immediately eliminate certain locations based on the total cost of living and existing home prices, while also highlighting others that are within your budget. From here you can use specialist regional outlets such as Morgan Randall (who operate in London), as this type of firm have a diverse range of property types, vast price points and considerable expertise in specific areas.

This will enable you to identify a suitable property and buy this with the minimum of fuss without forcing you to exceed your financial means.

Consider Future Employment and your Core Skills

We all have individual skills, from those that are innate and natural to others that are learned and acquired through accreditation. These skills shape our careers and viability as candidates for work, meaning that wherever we go we must ensure that we will be able to access viable employment opportunities. This can be challenging and requires significant research, however, especially when you consider the diverse, changeable and cyclical nature of different industries.

So before you choose a country for relocation, you will need to list your skills and qualification and determine two things. Firstly, how do you want to spend your time in your new surroundings? There are a range of potential choices, from volunteering and higher education to part or full time employment, so it is important to narrow this down. Secondary this, you should consider the best-equipped regions to help you achieve these goals, such as those with enhanced volunteering opportunities or countries with a high rate of employment.

From here, it is far easier to choose a location that offers you the best possible chance of achieving long-term success and financial security.

Indulge your Personal Interests and Pastimes

On a final note, it is important that you choose a location that enables you to match and unwind. This is where a nation’s cultural heritage comes into play, as this dictates the range of entertainment options that are made available to residents and ex-pats alike. While some may suitable for you others may not, and the key is to manage your expectations and make an informed decision that suits as many of your personal preferences as possible.

If you are approaching retirement and planning to relocate to a country that offers a tranquil and relaxing environment, for example, Costa Rica offers a wonderful opportunity. This would be entirely unsuited to younger ex-pats with a yearning for fun and adventure, however, so these individuals will need to look elsewhere. For fans of culture and art there is no finer location than Central Europe, with London and Paris notable (if slightly expensive) options.

Do not take this consideration lightly, as it is crucial that you are compatible with the area you choose to relocate to and able to enjoy its culture diversity and range of leisure activities.

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