How to Use Miles Plus Cash to Pay Your Airfares?

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While we continue to work towards reversing the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, everyone eagerly awaits the return of regular traveling. The transport industry, particularly the aviation sector, has been among the most affected realms. Given that most international air travels were suspended over the last few months, leading to the grounding of countless planes.

Even so, airlines and passengers alike can rejoice as they look forward to the resumption of air travel. What’s more, due to the financial constraints caused by the pandemic, many airlines are offering more flexible ways to pay for airfares. One of the most notable ones is Miles Plus Cash.

How to Use Miles Plus Cash to Pay Your Airfares?

How to Use Miles Plus Cash to Pay Your Airfares?

With this payment option, travelers can pay using a mix of cash payment and air travel miles. This flexibility can go a long way in helping you have as much as possible during your trip. Moreover, many airlines offering this versatile payment option don’t have a cap on the number of air travel miles you can use. For this reason, you can pick whichever ratio is convenient to you. Click the link below to book your flight using Miles Plus Cash.


How to Buy A Ticket Using Miles Plus Cash?

Despite the countless benefits of Miles Plus Cash, not many people are conversant with it. If this is your case, here is a look at how you can take advantage of this versatile payment option.

Log onto The Airline’s Website

The first thing to do when looking to buy tickets using Miles Plus Cash is logging onto your air travel account on the airline’s website. Depending on which airline you’re using, this process may differ. Once you log into your account, you’ll be able to access your air travel miles and use them for your purchase. Even so, it’s worth mentioning with most airlines: there’s a minimum number of air travel miles required before you can be eligible to use Miles Plus Cash.

Pick A Flight

Once you’ve successfully logged into your air travel account, the next step is selecting the flight you want. Fortunately, there aren’t any exceptions when it comes to which tickets you can buy. Nevertheless, you must bear in mind that the number of miles required does increase with the flight distance. After selecting a flight, proceed to payment and select Miles Plus Cash.

What’s more, there are no exceptions to which seat you’d like to pick. Given that some people may not want to either upgrade or downgrade from a preferred class, having this option can be very helpful. Still, keep in mind that seats in higher levels will cost more air travel miles.

Pay Using Your Preferred Amount

After selecting Miles Plus Cash as your payment option, you’ll need to pick which ratio of air travel miles and cash payment suits you. You can either use the slider to choose a preferred ratio or write the exact amount of cash you’d like to use.

Pay and Enjoy

Once you’re satisfied with the ratio of air travel miles and cash payment, you can proceed to pay.

A prevalent concern for many travelers who would want to take advantage of this is how it will affect their overall air travel miles. Fortunately, travelers who use Miles Plus Cash still earn air travel miles and club points from their ticket purchase. For this reason, travelers can only benefit when they use Mile Plus Cash for their airfares.

Final Thoughts

Given that the pandemic has taken a toll on the finances of many, having an option to pay for air tickets using Miles Plus Cash is incredibly helpful. For those who’d like to enjoy this flexibility, going through the details outlined above is a step in the right direction.

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