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Many people choose to become expatriates because they want something different. They want to have an adventure and do something that they’ve never done before. Choosing to move to Anchorage, Alaska is a big step, and it’s certainly a unique place to live, but what should you know before you move?

How cold does it get?

The weather definitely tends to be cooler in Anchorage than in most areas. The average high for July is around 65 °F while the average high in January is about 23 °F. The lowest recorded temperature for Anchorage is -38 °F, and the highest recorded temperature is 85 °F. So, the bad news is that you could get frost bite while transferring your groceries from the shopping cart to your car, but the good news is that you won’t have to worry about the air conditioning bill.You can find more detailed information about the weahter in Alaska from the National Weather Service.

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Does it snow a lot?

Yes, it snows quite a bit. It’s normal to get around 75 inches or so of snow per year, with only June, July, and August being snow-free. Don’t worry, though. It usually snows less than an inch in May and September combined.

How expensive is it up there?

Alaska’s one of the most expensive states to live in. A one-bedroom apartment in Anchorage can cost over $1,000, and a three-bedroom apartment can cost over $2,000. Things might be expensive in Alaska, but people earn more money, too. Since the average salary in Alaska is better than 70% of the U.S., it’s residents can afford the high prices.

How big is Anchorage?

More than 40% of Alaskans live in Anchorage, making it the largest city in the state. At almost 2,000 square miles, it boats around 300,000 residents. While it’s not the biggest city in the world, it has all the amenities that can be expected of a large town.

What are some fun things to do?

Not everyone that lives in Alaska is out in the boonies. In fact, Anchorage has a lot of fun things to do. Besides normal entertainment options like going bowling or watching a movie at the theater, there’s a ski area, a zoo, and even an indoor water park.

What if I want to travel?

Anchorage has Alaska’s largest airport terminal, so individuals have the option to fly wherever they need to go, whether they want to see the continental United States or go to another country. If residents want to see other parts of Alaska, they can choose to drive a personal vehicle or take the train; however, the train only goes to the more populated areas.

Is there any wildlife near Anchorage?

Alaska has a lot of wildlife, and Anchorage is no different. Wolves, bears, sheep, goats, foxes, beavers, lynxes, and moose can be seen in and around the area. While these animals are more common around the outskirts of the city, it’s not uncommon to spot some wildlife in the more populated areas, either.


Alaska is part of the US. If you are traveling to Alaska from another part of the US (& don’t end up going through Canada) it’s just like if you’re traveling from Texas to Louisiana; no borders or customs to go through. But if you are arriving from outside USA – the usual visa requirements apply and you should submit an ESTA Application. Canadian citizens may enter Alaska (the United States) without visas but will need to show passports and proof of residence.

It is very unique to be living in Anchorage, Alaska, so it takes some getting used to. This isn’t a bad thing, however. It can be a great choice for anyone that’s looking to live abroad, no matter where they are originally from.

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