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Phoenix, Arizona, is a wonderful place in which to live. It has plenty of things to do for people of all ages and is a growing community. There is a reason why many people live in city of Phoenix. At the same time, there are legitimate questions that are asked about Phoenix and the surrounding area. Here are some good questions that are generally asked from people who are considering about moving into the community. The answers are as follows.

My wife and I have just retired and are looking for appropriate housing options in the Phoenix area. I know that the area was hit hard when the housing market fell a few years ago.

Therefore, how is the housing market today and would it be easy for us to find something that works with us?

To begin, congratulations on your retirement and great question about the housing market.

Go Living In Phoenix, Arizona

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It is true that the Phoenix area was one of the first large communities that were hard hit with falling homes sales.

The good news is that the housing market in Phoenix is coming back. New foreclosures are down significantly over the previous few years and that certainly is bringing stability to the market. Prices for homes that include new and foreclosed homes are increasing. That not be the best thing you want to hear, but it is good for the housing market in Phoenix. The market is tight and may take a while to loosen up to where available homes are plentiful. However, you can still purchase a good home at a decent price, but you may have to shop around.

I am from a state that has a lot of snow and cold temperatures.

Are winter jackets and sweatshirts necessary in Phoenix and the surrounding area?

In short, the answer pertaining to Phoenix with winter jackets is no. However, there are many places around the Phoenix area and in Arizona where a winter jacket is ideal. Ski and snowboard enthusiasts will need to bring their winter jackets to visit terrific ski mountains and exciting places such as Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley and Elk Ridge Ski and Outdoor Recreation. A sweatshirt can be ideal during the winter months in Phoenix when there are times at night when the temperature dips below freezing. Besides this, the weather can stay around the 60’s for a few days and sweatshirts, sweaters and other long sleeved clothes are quite appropriate. Be sure to bring plenty of summer clothing when the weather gets hot outside.

I am concerned that there is not a lot to do in the area. What do people do?

Many locals as well as visitors enjoy the beauties of creation. There are plenty of national parks and other similar places to enjoy and be amazed at the various rock formations and the tremendous look of the desert. Hiking, mountain biking, roller blading and other similar activities are all popular in the Phoenix area.

GoLivingIn Phoenix art museum

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In addition to this, the city has a number of professional sports teams that include the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Phoenix Suns. Culture enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, the Ballet Arizona and the Phoenix Metropolitan Opera.

The Phoenix Art Museum has an amazing variety of art with special emphasis on region art. Other venues include golf clubs, zoos, science centers, shopping malls and much more.

Phoenix offers prospective residents a wide variety of things to do as well as a distinct environment that is unique and special. The area is growing as more families and businesses come to Phoenix. It is a great place to be.

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