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Blue MosqueTurkey offers an amazing mixture of what are most familiar as well as the exotic. There is much more to be admired in Turkey than its portrayal of a cliched image. From time immemorial Turkey was invaded as well as occupied by people from different parts of the globe. As such, it mixes several cultures in one, for example it combines Mediterranean culture with that of Middle East, Central Asia as well as the Balkans. Turkey is where churches coexist with mosques, temples alongside roman theatres stand in the proximity of ancient Hittite cities. Here, gypsy festivals and dervish ceremonies form a large percentage of the social landscape. Evidently, a visit to Turkey is just a trip you cannot afford to miss.

Where to visit

The largest appealing part of Turkey takes into consideration the country’s archeological sites along with a legacy that cannot be forgotten of the states succession, Armeno-Germano, Byzantine, Roman, Greek, Phrygian, Urartian and Hittite, that is utterly bewildering. A sneak view of the remote churches and hilltop fortress to the grand classical cities is an amazing adventure. The graceful Islamic monuments along with the city bazaars that are intriguing are an addition to the fun. Within the inside of Turkey, one finds a mountainous cloud-forest, lake, steppe and the country’s Asiatic expanse which will definitely leave you with a clear memory of your visit in Turkey. Mount Merut is just another attraction that you cannot avoid. It features a tomb-sanctuary alongside a statue of King Antiochus, Persian and Greek gods, two eagles and two lions. Apart from this mountain, one can tour Oludeniz, which features an isolated sandy bay offering extraordinary turquoise shades along with special panoramic views. In addition, the Library of Celsus, Bodrum Castle, Patara Beach and the Aspendos Theatre are places you cannot afford to skip while in Turkey.

Where to Eat

hotelTurkish cuisine is just out of this world. There are numerous places in turkey that offer all types of foods, a clear proof that Turkish food is not all about kebabs. The House Café in Istanbul is the best to take care of your breakfast needs with a selection of east-meets-west type of dishes at an affordable price. Adamar Hotel is just another place for the tastiest meals. It is situated in Sultan Ahmet and offers you a romantic atmosphere along with great food.

Where to stay in Turkey

Turkey has a number of professionally run hostels as well as cozy guesthouses for everyone. For example Tuvana Hotel is an amazing place to spend a night with your family while in Turkey. It is composed of forty six suites and rooms that are stylishly furnished just to meet the visitors’ needs. They exude an old-European feel and are suitably plush with mod-cons. The hotel’s environment is a beautiful garden that adds on to the beautiful and traditional Ottoman decor in the spacious guest rooms. Another place to stay in Turkey is the amazing Macakizi Hotel. This is where minimalist decor, boutique trimmings combine with a resort feeling. These two hotels form a representative fraction of the lavish hotel lifestyle within Turkey.

From the foregoing, it is evident that Turkey is just the right place for a family holiday. The combination of beautiful landscape and amazing sceneries is just an eye catcher. The food in Turkish hotels combines tradition and modernity. However, when planning for a visit to Turkey it is important to ensure that you have a travel visa. With the advent of technology getting a visa is not as hectic as in the olden days. Nowadays, you can apply for an online Turkey visa and you are good to tour Turkey.

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